About Us

Established in 1973, Green Haven is your oasis on the Prairies!

Green Haven is one of the safest nudist clubs in Saskatchewan with monitored and coded gate at the entrance and members that live on the grounds year-round.

We take pride in our grounds and our people, and welcome newcomers with warmth and enthusiasm.

New Years Eve Party

We will be having a New Year Eve Party at the club house. This will be a Pot-Luck and the same goes for the cost. If you bring a dish it will be $5 and if you do not bring a dish of food then it will be $10. This is to cover the cost of the heat and if the water can be turned back on the cost to winterize it again. Thank you

Halloween Costume Party

We will be having a Halloween Party at the club house. There will be a Pot-Luck supper, be creative for Halloween. Supper will be around the 5:30 pm or after the Fall Meeting. We will be having a costume contest as well, I can't wait to see everyone's costumes this year. There will be a $5 if you bring a dish of food and $10 charge if you do not bring a dish, this is to cover the cost of heat. There will be our Annual Fall General Meeting at 1 pm in the club house.


The membership approved the purchase of a tractor with attachments at the Sept 1 meeting. Since then, we have reviewed our options and decided on the John Deere 2320 (South Country Equipment). It was a choice between it and a Kubota (Young's Equipment).

JD 2320 tractor

    24 HP diesel

    Rear hydraulic option

    Quick attach for 3 point implements

JD H130 front end loader (quick attach)

JD 54 front mount snowblower 54" two stage

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